HID Kit Reviews - Fake Bosch

This HID kit is a clear fake. Bosch has never made a ballast like this and if they did, they would never give it the same model number Philips gave theirs called the LVQ 212-L300. There is no internal rubber to prevent the components from shaking loose from the circuit board but then again, with the sloppily applied caulking to keep pieces in place, I guess that will work until moisture seeps into the case.

Update on 3/8/2010: This ballast is now also being marketed as a Philips ballast. Please be aware and do not fall for the false advertising. Philps no longer produces a ballast for kit usage.

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Note the model number of the fake Bosch ballast. They've labeled it as an LVQ 212-L300. This is the SAME model number you'll see on the REAL Philips ballast in our reviews. The company that produced this sticker simply had to put a model number on the ballast so they put whatever sounded good!

Note the stepped screw mount and the wire colors. You will see the same on the new "Philips" ballasts that are on the market. They are all fake. Do not overpay for these goods.

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We don't sell automotive HID Kits but we have researched many on the market. Before you purchase anything online, read our reviews on Xentec HID Kits, the FAKE Bosch HID Kits (which are now marketed as FAKE Philips HID Kits), Klight HID KitsMod Express HID Kits,Volt HID Kits, and the REAL Philips HID Kit (which is no longer produced).

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