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How do these compare with JW Speaker or Hobbs Lighting?
We have not tested the wide variety of JW Speaker or Hobbs lighting that is available on the market however OUR CUSTOMERS have and they LOVE our lighting. Your typical Hobbs or JW Speaker HID light costs anywhere between $400-$700. Our lights are competitively priced and many of our customers claim our beam patterns are wider and thus cover more area than Hobbs and Speaker lights.

Do I really need HID lights on my machine?
In terms of lighting, Chad Hogan of John Deere says the introduction of high-intensity discharge (HID) xenon lighting is the biggest change he's seen over the past 10 years. "The technology enables operators to see farther than with traditional halogen bulbs," says Hogan. "And because Xenon HID bulbs have no filaments, the bulb life is increased as much as 10 times vs. filament-style (halogen) bulbs. HID lights offer a clear benefit over halogen lights both in terms of replacement frequency and in terms of visibility."

How many lumens do your HID lights put out?
All of our HID work lights produce the same amount of lumens, which is approximately 3200 lumens. The beam patterns are different though so you must choose the particular light that will fit your needs.

That brings up a good question, which HID light should I get?
Our HID lights all have different functions. Below you'll find a quick summary of how each HID light has a certain use depending on the need.

The 400 series light is our HID flood light. If you need a full flood light, buy the 400 light. Perfect for tractors, combines, backhoes, and illuminating large work areas.

The 500 series light is our long distance HID light that can shine up to 1,000 feet ahead. Many customers purchase a 500 series light to help them properly aim their machine down the field. Perfect for asphalt paving equipment where you need a lot of light in a concentrated area and lighting up long paths of ground for your machine.

The 512w series light is a compromise between our 500 and 512sw. The beam pattern is a narrow flood. It is ideal for lighting up long distances while still illuminating the sides down the field.

The 512sw series light creates a wide strip of light from left to right. At a 10 foot distance, the beam pattern opens up to 20-22 feet wide. It is ideal for tractors great for shining up to 1,000 feet ahead. Many customers purchase a 500 series light to help them properly aim their machine down the field.

The 512sw-v series light is the same as our 512sw light but the mounting point is on the back of the light to allow mounting on a vertical surface.

What materials do you use to produce your products?
For our metal HID lighting, we use an aluminum alloy to retain the light weight properties of aluminum while using other metals for strength. For our LED bars, we use an extruded aluminum housing for better scalability on sizes and incorporate a poly carbonate lens to protect the LED pcb board. For our plastic units, we use a structurally reinforced ABS plastic housing. For the internal HID ballasts, we pour a non-conductive rubber compound chemically designed to have a high specific heat to achieve two competitive advantages.

1) The high specific heat shields the internal electronics from being affected by engine bay excessive engine bay heat and also allows the internal electronics to function without increasing in temperature. More information about specific heat can be found here.

2) The non-conductive rubber compound surrounds the internal electronics to ensure no electronic components on the circuit board can shake loose due to use which helps prolong the life of the ballast.

What are your best selling products?
Our HID flood lighting is the most popular with our auxiliary LED lights coming in at a close second.

Why do you offer LED lights?
We offer LED lighting for customers who are interested in having lights they can instantly turn on, draw fewer amps, and will last the life of their machine.

LED lights that never need replacing?
The service life of our LED lighting is rated at 30,000 hours. At 7 hours of run time per work day, these will last for more than 15 years!

Wholesale FAQ

How do I order?
When ordering from us, there is no need to set up an account. Simply contact us through our online form, e-mail us, or chat with us online to let us know what you need. Once we know, we will calculate the shipping and e-mail you an invoice.

How can I access your wholesale prices?
We don't publish our wholesale prices online however if your shop is interested in our prices, send us your e-mail address and we'll send you a price list and follow up with more lists as we update our product offering.

Are there minimums?
There is a 20 unit minimum for the initial order and no minimum thereafter.

What are your case quantities?
Our lights are packaged in cases of 18 units per case.

Can I order custom colors and bulbs?
Sorry, we do not offer custom colors for our work lighting.

What payment methods are available? Can I just charge this on my credit card?
We only take credit cards unless there are certain circumstances where it is better to use a check.

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