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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, scroll down and view the images customers have e-mailed in along with the testimonials on the right.

We have happy customers all over North America. In fact, below is a map showing where the past 250 customers are using our lighting!


Vehicle: John Deere 672B Grader

Lighting: Factory halogen lights

Lighting: Factory halogen bulbs

Lighting: 512 on the left warming up and factory halogen on the right.
Notice how dim the ground is when the 512 is warming up.

Lighting: 512 on the right side, entirely washing out the factory light on the other side.

Lighting: 512 on the left at full output and factory halogen on the right.

Notice the shadow produced on the ground from the center of the tractor out towards the right side of the picture.

Lighting: 512 on the left, halogen on the right. The sheer light output on the ground of the 512 overpowers the halogen lamp.

Lighting: Up close, side by side.

Lighting: 512 on right, factory halogen on the left and yes, the halogen lamp IS on.

Lighting: Up close again. Factory halogen on the left, 512 on the right..

Order the AIO 512w here!

Vehicle: Kubota M5040 Tractor

Lighting: Factory headlights on top of cab.

Lighting: Factory headlights with 512w lighting mounted above cab.

Lighting: 2 512w lights mounted above cab. Purchase a pair here

Lighting: 2 512w lights mounted for front illumination.

Lighting: 2 512w lights mounted for front illumination.

Lighting: 2 512w lights mounted above cab for rear illumination.

Lighting: 2 512w lights mounted for rear illumination.

Lighting: All four 512w lights on in addition to factory lighting.

Lighting: All four 512w lights on only.

Lighting: Head on view of 2 512w lights with 2 512w lights illuminating the rear of the tractor

Lighting: 2 512w lights illuminating the entire front end of the tractor. Take note of the ground coverage to the immediate sides of the front wheels.

This Kubota M5040 Tractor is outfitted with 4 512w lights that is offered for $699 SHIPPED! You can order the same setup HERE.

Vehicle: Kubota LA402

Lighting: 1 512w light illuminating the entire front end of the tractor. For smaller tractors, you can get away using just one unit.

Lighting: 1 512sw light illuminating the rear of the tractor. Light duty machines usually only need two units, one up front and one pointing towards the back.




I really appreciate how much you guys go outta ur way, I really do...by far the best customer-business relationship I've ever had dealing with anything in my life really...more businessmen should be like you guys.


Also I went ahead and just finished up the install not to long ago and the lights are ABSOLUTELY amazing....very easy installation as far as it being plug and play. Also thanks for the Super fast shipping..I was expecting to get it today actually and I got it on Monday...Take care and I wish ya the best with you business, and you will definately be hearing from a lot of my friends in the near future.



My lights arrived a couple of days ago, and I must say, the install was simple, and they work great. Guys, MobileHID is where it's at. Customer service is great, as well as the product.



Thanks for all your help on the phone Wed. 09-04-2009. You really cleared up some questions that I had about what lights I should get to place on my tractor. I ordered (4) of the 521W's and to tell you the truth, I don't know why I waited so long to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I shared with you on the phone, I was running (4) H3 halogen lights on the front and (4) on the back. I do alot of mowing at night for customers on large tracts of land and was always having trouble seeing what I was doing.

NOW............. I can see clearly and I'm not fatigued when I get out of the tractor. This lights are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone is considering buying this lights, I can testify that you will not go wrong, and just as me, you\'ll wonder why you waited so long.
I have some pictures to send you that you could add to your site. "Good before and after pictures"

P.S. I ordered the lights Wed. 09-04-2009 at appx. 6:00pm est. from Florida and had them in my mail box Friday 09-06-2009... talking about fast shipping. I have no clue how you guys do it, but it happens!!!!!!!!!!!!

" You the Man". LOL


I was @ your web and seen the pic's of our combine and tractor. Looks good!!!

The lights are working great!!!!




For those of you interested in these lightsI would highly recommend it. I picked mine up yesterday and it took me about 30 minutes to install on my tractor and the light output is awesome.



Joe from northern Iowa here,  All finished in the field now and I know I couldn't have planted at night without them.  I have two photos showing the view from the cab but don't know how to attach them onto this form email on the site - send me a regular email and I will send them your way. 

Thanks again for all the help with this tractor project.


Best thing we ever bought. We put them on two tractors and sprayer. The combines we use have two HID lights on top of the cab that are about 6"x8" and they're $700 a piece. These 512sw lights are brighter and a ton more affordable.

- Drew


We put two 512w lights on our red International tractor and when you're driving, it's almost like daylight behind you now.



I tried out your lights on the back of our tractor and WOW, they have to shine at least twice(maybe three times) compared to stock. They will work great for harvest. I'm looking forward to using them this spring for planting already!!!




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