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Didn't come with a harness so they failed the requirements. These can be found on eBay for $40-$60 shipped.

Verdict: Not worth it unless you plan on getting 2-3 sets. You'll need them unless your eBay vendor lives up to the warranty they promise.

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We don't sell automotive HID Kits but we have researched many on the market. Before you purchase anything online, read our reviews on Xentec HID Kits, the FAKE Bosch HID Kits (which are now marketed as FAKE Philips HID Kits), Klight HID KitsMod Express HID Kits,Volt HID Kits, and the REAL Philips HID Kit (which is no longer produced).

Officially, only ONE ballast made it through the Hammer Test! Check out the video below to see which one!

30% of customers purchase a
Mix 'n Match 4-pack!

17% of customers purchase the 512w



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